Skin Clinic

Dr Javed Alam Farooqui (M.B.B.S, Ph.D) is a renowned dermatologist and cosmetologist who will be joining hands with Al Santé Healthcare to provide you with best of his services.

⦁ Face, Skin and Cosmetic Department:

Face and skin treatment is done with Glutathione injections that mainly include whitening and skin nurture however whitening creams and various medicines are also brought into display to further enhance facial responses. PRP treatment is also done with proper instructions.

⦁ Hair Department:

Various treatments regarding hairs are also supervised and conducted that may include transplantation, hair fall and dandruff, pre mature hair whitening treatment and hair replacement. Dr Javed with his commanding skills helps revitalise your hair with effective suggestions on grooming your hair.

⦁ Skin Department:

If you are worried about your skin catching various uncomfortable complexities such as acne, scars, moles, double chin, Eczema, Vitiligo, Melasma or other skin problems then do not worry further as Dr. Javed with his expertise can easily help you a way out. Come consult and treat yourself to a skin you never witnessed before, original as new.

⦁ Anti Aging Treatment:

Wretched, wrecked and wrinkled skin is treated with worthy advises, medicines and medical treatment. With Fillers and Botox treatment you can visibly see a clear difference after 15 to 20 minutes of treatment. Anti aging treatment is not a problem anymore. Dark spots and dark circles that may highlight at various parts of your face are easily encountered and surpassed with this treatment.

⦁ Slimming Department:

Obesity is one concern that may irritate you throughout but with expert opinions and professional procedure it can be grounded to ashes. You can easily lose up to 50 pounds (LBS) weight and 8 inch waistline within 70 days with no dieting, no side effects, no medicine and no hard hitting exercises. We will progress you with medicines and herbal water that will shrink you obesity to a smart slim figure.


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