At Al Santé healthcare we have renowned professionals consisting of doctors and consultants working for your health care. We have specialised laboratory equipped with modern instruments for performing tests such as blood, urine, sugar and etc. There is avast variety of diagnostic tests available at our premises. Facility for Ultrasound and X-Ray is also present at Al Santé.

Medical Machines Present at Facility

⦁ X-Ray

Al Santé healthcare provide its customers with easy to go with X ray facility. These X-ray machines are used to take pictures of dense tissues such as bones and teeth. This is because bones absorb the radiation more than the less dense soft tissue. X-rays from a source pass through the body and onto a photographic cassette.


⦁ Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging or sonography is often used in medicine. In the non-destructive of products and structures, ultrasound is used to detect invisible flaws. Ultra sound facility has been newly equipped at Al Santé healthcare centre to provide its customers the best of the services available in town.





⦁ Co2 Machine

Dermabrasion is rarely practiced currently and there are very few doctors  who are trained and still perform this surgery. Dermabrasion has largely been replaced all over the world by newer and somewhat simpler technologies by laser machines such as CO2. The purpose of surgical dermabrasion is to help diminish the appearance of deeper scars and skin imperfections. Often the goal is to smooth the skin and, in the process, remove small scars  (as from acne), uneven skin tone from scars or birthmarks, sun damage, tattoos, age spots and etc.






⦁ IPL machines

Intense pulsed light ( IPL) is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal, photo rejuvenation  (e.g. the treatment of skin pigmentation, sun damage, and thread veins) as well as to alleviate dermatologic diseases such as acne. Al Santé  healthcare also offer its clients hair removal services by IPL machineswith accurate suggestion for a maintained health with the best hair  removal faculty around.





⦁ Hydra Facial Machine

The HydraFacial is a treatment that everyone can have. The great  news is that because it restores and rebuilds the health of the skin it will give everybody an immediate visible improvement and It is also packed full of the most powerful antioxidants which work to counteract the damage of free radicals – caused by pollution, sun and stress – which can damage the skin, accelerating the aging process.


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